About Us

It has begun. Watch us grow.

Twistlane Alpacas was started with 14 alpacas (11 female, 3 male) and over the past four years have added 20 to our herd!   We are quickly approaching our goal of over 50 alpacas.  We believe the Canadian alpaca fibre is some of the best in the world and are committed to producing high quality fibre.

In 2016 we will be selling our Alpaca products at our farm store, online and at numerous Craft Shows and Farmer’s Markets.  Commencing in June you will find us at the Markham Farmers Market each Saturday from 8:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.    Our store features alpaca yarn, rovings, knitted, woven and felted scarves, hats, mitts, rugs and teddy bears to name a few items!   Please drop in and experience the luxury of alpaca.   Store hours are Thursday through Sunday by appointment.

Our journey does not stop there as we are also actively producing Maple Syrup with our large forest of healthy Maple trees.  These trees produced plenty of sap last year, meaning we are constantly refining our methods to produce more syrup in the coming seasons. This year we had a great sap run and our maple syrup is also available for sale at our store.

In 2015 we added a pair of layer chickens to our farm.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our “ladies” and will be added 9 more hens to our flock in 2016.   Farm fresh eggs from pasture raised chickens are available.   Please call to check inventory.

This summer (2016) we fell in love with Lexi our Lamancha doe, her female kid Bambam (Lamancha/Nubian mix).  We are enjoying their antics and the milk they give us will provide us with delicious cheese.

Keep checking back with us and watch us grow, I promise you will not be bored.

Our goal is to breed alpacas with excellent conformation and dense full fibre. We follow a strong commitment to breed for the highest quality alpacas.

Our breeding philosophy is based on selecting high quality alpacas whose characteristics, lineage and temperament are outstanding. We focus highly on pairing alpacas who will offer continuous genetic improvement and growth in the industry. Our care and commitment to our breeding program is what sets us apart from most breeders.

At Twistlane Alpacas, our farm is managed in an environmentally friendly and socially active manner. The well-being of our alpacas is our priority and we personally care for our herd and manage all daily chores ourselves. We pride ourselves on having alpacas that are friendly, easy-to-handle and comfortable with people. Contact us to schedule a visit. We promise our dedication will be obvious.