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Welcome to our new life

October 14, 2013

Welcome to our new life

It has been a very busy summer for us at Twistlane Alpacas.   Steve & I welcomed Izabella, Kassie and Alaskan Breeze to our herd this summer.  All three are adorable and we fell in love with them immediately.  Izzy is showing us great length, Breeze is super  fine and Kassie has a great hand!  I look forward to seeing their first fleece at shearing in the Spring.

We have also added what seems like miles of fencing, extended the barn to include outdoor sheltered pens for the Alpacas, lengthened the driveway, cleared more land, rebuilt the foundation of our house (where is Mike Homes when you need him?)  and added our house dog Buddy to the mix…a Bernese Mountain Dog who came to us at seven pounds and six months later was a mere sixty-five pounds!   This guy has paws with potential!

This fall we attended Navan Fleece Show outside of Ottawa, Ontario and we had two first place finishes and three second place finishes.   Next week we are off to the Futurity Show in Orangeville, Ontario to see our fellow breeders, share breeding stories, and keep our fingers crossed for our fleece we entered.   Additionally that weekend we have more  fleece in a spin-off competition at the Empire Show in the United States.  I have sent down 2 ounces of our fleece per alpaca entered and they return it to me knitted!   Ok it won’t be a sweater, or even a mitt for that matter but it will have been judged during the handspinning and handknitting.  I anxiously await the comments from the judges!

What does the next few months hold – more shows, sorting fibre, learning how to weave, watch Buddy grow, welcoming our two Great Pyrenese guard dogs and counting the days until our new crias (9 ) arrive in the spring!  As we await their arrival we will be starting our vegetable seedlings, making sausages, celebrating our daughters upcoming wedding and I will continue to contemplate a few chickens!

A friend of mine Julie at Harmony Tree Farm, once told me it is a slippery slope!  I think of her, always smiling, as she continues on with  her bees, goats, pigs, fruit orchards, chickens, cheese making ….you get the idea…. I hope my slippery slope brings me as much happiness!