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Thoughts from Samantha

February 15, 2016

Thoughts from Samantha


Living and working on the farm has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. There is an undeniable peace and feeling of freedom leaving the rush of city life for the calm, open country. Having so much space and access to nature is incredible; every time I walk with the dog through the forest or take the ATV out for a ride around the property I am reminded of how lucky I am to have all of this just outside our door.

When we first moved to the farm it was kind of weird to be in such a quiet environment – which it turns out wasn’t so quiet. I had learned to zone out all the hustle of busy streets, the sirens and the honking but it took a while before I could do the same for the chirping crickets, howling coyotes and the strangest – dying flies spinning on their wings. Although it wasn’t difficult to get used to it all when you can look out nearly every window in the house and see the crias on one of their evening crazy runs, or the puppies playing in the sun, or the mama alpacas cooling off on a hot summers day in the sprinkler.

Since the Alpacas joined us, the farm has continued to grow like crazy. With near 30 alpacas, three dogs, the addition of laying hens and a new barn with another 5 pastures, there is never a boring day on the farm. I never thought much of chickens but it is quite adorable to see them take a break from their endless search for bugs to come waddling-running over when you call out “PRETTY LADIES WHERE ARE YOU?”

But it’s more then just cuddling cute animals that makes the farm what it is. The work is rewarding, I have never been much for mornings but getting out of bed is much easier when you have 35 adorable faces greeting you at the gates. Being around the animals while you are feeding, cleaning, doing monthly health checks and needles is a pleasure and doesn’t feel like a chore. I love seeing the progress we make and the difference it makes to the animals and have even learned to love the ache of tired muscles after a productive day. It’s amazing to see the crias grow and their personalities come out and the bond and trust that builds with them if you give them time and patience.

There is sweet but sassy  Izzy – our first cria, she loves a good rub and is always in search of the feed bucket. You can count on her greeting you at the gate each evening, just like her mom Raquel.

Sweet little Bixi – the smallest and newest of the herd is always leading the way. She is fast and courageous but always aware where her momma, Jewel is in case she needs protecting or a pillow to sleep on.

Baby Brax – he loves his cuddles almost as much as his independence. Strong like his dad, Axl and friendly like his mom, Raquel and sisters, Izzy and AnnieBrax loves to hear his name called and will often respond with one of his sky-high pronks.

And then there’s Aragon – quieter then most in the herd, Aragon is such a sweetie but takes his time approaching new people but his little smile and beautiful eyes are enough to make your heart melt.

I could go on but they are all special in their own unique and quirky ways. They never fail to bring a smiles and a good laugh. I cant wait to see who arrives this spring, a new adventure is always just around the corner here at Twistlane Alpacas.