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Spring Dreams = Summer Bounty

July 16, 2016

Spring Dreams = Summer Bounty

Spring Dreams = Summer Bounty

Spring is upon us and my annual Spring To Do List is getting longer!

  1.  Pick up Day Old Chicks. I am very excited about and counting the days until we can pick up our day old chicks.   We are expecting five Blue Laced Red Wyandottes and five Silver Laced Wyandottes.   These chicks will be only a day old when we receive them and they will require a heating area in our  home for a couple of months.    It is amazing how quickly they grow and handling them is a daily adventure which promises friendly chickens.    Our two “Pretty Ladies” from 2015 were hand raised and follow me everywhere and come running for cuddles each and every day.  I am certain that it will be a lot less work this spring with Samantha at home as I know it will be love at first sight for her!

  2. Research and Order Fruit Trees.   With all this property it seems only reasonable to me that we need apples and pears to compliment our strawberries and blueberries.

  3. A Raised Garden Bed?   I must admit each year I purchase seeds and start them indoors under grow lights, transition them to the greenhouse where they either fade away or are amongst the minority who make it to the garden.   I am a most enthusiastic gardener until the weeds invade my spotless, perfectly laid out seedlings and I become overwhelmed.  Last year in an attempt to maintain the upper hand I tried straw bale gardening — it was a failure.   Always the optimist I am planning a raised bed garden (Surprise Steve!)

  4. Crias!   Always an exciting time of the year.   This year we are awaiting the arrival of five cria all in the later part of June!   After three years of cria season it made sense to me to have them all at once versus throughout the summer.   They will all be on the same schedule and have lots of friends to play with and we will not spend our summer anxiously awaiting and being on call.

  5. Other projects spinning round in my head – preserves, honey bees, a swing for the chickens (thanks for that idea Sue!), cheese, sausages, meats, learning to spin yarn and goats!  As my friend Julie tells me it is a slippery slope!!

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