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A Year of Learning....

October 17, 2014

A Year of Learning....

This was a busy year at the farm so busy I didn’t get time to blog!   This spring brought us our first shearing on the farm.   As we were preparing for our two and a half days of friends, family and alpacas we found ourselves with our first birth (more on that later)!   Steve did an awesome job as our Shearer and Samantha kept them all calm as she fell in love with each of them as she cradled their heads in her arms for each shearing.   Some quietly hummed, others snuggled, some almost fell asleep and yes a few let Sammy experience the joy of spit!   To our friends who helped we can’t thank you enough.

With the onset of spring and throughout the summer we welcomed 8 new cria to our farm.   Five girls and three boys.   Antera arrived the night before shearing and Annabella arrived the day after shearing, a month early.   These babies bring us much laughter as they learn to stand, sort out which end to feed from, pronk for the first time, discover the sprinkler, Buddy, birds, hay and more.   At  7:00 p.m. nightly the Pronk and Run Show begins before bedtime.   Eight cria running, darting and pronking at full speed as the mothers step back and try to move out of the way!  Be sure to check our website in the upcoming weeks to meet these eight new cria – Antera, Annabella, Aragon, Azara, Amarella, Audacious, Abraxas and little Avalanche.

One cria in particular, Ali, whom I spent a lot of time hand feeding tugged at my heart.   Ali required bottle feeding every two hours twenty four hours a day.   As I bonded with her while we sat in the dark in the barn I often feared the spiders and mice but more often then not enjoyed the cuddles, those big brown eyes, the random humming of her Mom and I cherished her Mom and her  trust that I would be there for them.   Ali made me realize that life is often a struggle and often  shorter then we hope and that we must truly enjoy each and every moment.   It is Ali who reawakened me to my love of the outdoors, of being a caregiver and of animals.   It is because of Ali I decided to leave the security of my job and in return I have flourished in the love, joy and happiness of being Alpaca Breeders. It has been a month since I have become a full time breeder and life is awesome.   Steve and I are more relaxed and eating healthier, Buddy is thrilled to be a full time farm dog roaming the forest or sleeping on the steps all day, and the alpacas are calmer and love the new schedule.

As 2015 rapidly approaches we are looking forward to our new barn and pastures, lots more cria (yes they will all begin with “B” so if you have a unique name please submit it),  more fibre to process into more new and exciting alpaca products, maple syrup, canned goods, shitake mushrooms and possibly a chicken or two!

Being available seven days a week please feel free to call and arrange for a time to meet our herd and see our new store.